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Utilize QualiWare to Meet CSRD requirements and realize sustainability strategies
Lay a strong foundation for not only meeting current CSRD requirements but also for adapting to future sustainability challenges and compliance demands. 

QualiWare offers a comprehensive platform that helps you manage complex compliance requirements, such as those introduced by the Corporate Sus...
23.02.24 12:01 PM - Comment(s)
Embrace sustainable regulations and plan for a sustainable future
By Daniel Zorzi, Enterprise Architect, QualiWare

Today's organisations are navigating complex ecosystems for digital transformation, business expansion, or sustainable transformation. Dealing with such complexities can involve changing their value propositions and leveraging market dynamics to create...
18.01.24 10:33 AM - Comment(s)
CSRD becomes easier with QualiWare 
Imagine a world where every company is a champion of the environment and social responsibility. That's what the European Union is aiming for with its new rule, the CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive). This rule affects 50,000 companies across Europe, pushing them to be more transpare...
18.01.24 10:33 AM - Comment(s)

As the world increasingly focuses on green practices, businesses are navigating the challenge of reporting on sustainability. Standards like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) in the EU and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) require detailed compliance. QualiWare simplifies t...

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