Embrace sustainable regulations and plan for a sustainable future

18.01.24 10:33 AM By Abigail Josephsen

How can QualiWare support the implementation of a sustainability strategy in the organization?

By Daniel Zorzi, Enterprise Architect, QualiWare

Today's organisations are navigating complex ecosystems for digital transformation, business expansion, or sustainable transformation. Dealing with such complexities can involve changing their value propositions and leveraging market dynamics to create a competitive advantage or to comply with regulations. 

Facilitating Sustainability Strategies with QualiWare – Strategy to execution
QualiWare provides a holistic view of the organisation and its ecosystem through various models at different decomposition levels: conceptual, logical, or operational. QualiWare features guide and support the levels and stages at which the Sustainability Strategy or Sustainability Reporting becomes a concern or priority for the business. This enables the organisation's core competencies and infrastructure to transform with IT advancements and green business transitions and initiatives.

Embedding Sustainability
By employing QualiWare as a strategic tool, organisations can integrate sustainability into their core, positioning themselves as leaders in developing a purpose-driven and sustainable business. 

However, the goals and intent of transforming organisations vary today. Is the focus on Digital Transformation? Enhancing Agility? Or perhaps creating a sustainability vision? Regardless of the goals, strategies, or intent organisations wish to pursue, QualiWare helps translate strategy into actionable plans across business units and products – ensuring alignment from end to end. 

QualiWare facilitates this alignment, making it possible for all business stakeholders to consult the tool and architecture when performing a capability or initiative in the organisation and see the sustainability considerations that need to be considered.

Adapting to CSRD 
With new regulations such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), organisations will likely need to change their business model or operational approaches to support the required transformation towards Sustainability and compliance. QualiWare facilitates the mapping and linking of your organisation's regulatory requirements, policies, and strategic goals and contextualises them within processes, capabilities, and architecture. This ensures organisations can easily view, change, and strategise activities and new policy commitments, requirements, or strategies. 

QualiWare provides a risk management capability to highlight areas of the business that may hinder the ability to execute the Sustainability Report – making these risks and blockers to success visible and actionable for the company and the business units managing those areas.

Defining and Achieving Sustainability Goals
By capturing goals, strategies and objectives related to Sustainability in the QualiWare platform, it becomes possible to easily view and manage Sustainability considerations in different activities across the business. The activities can be monitored and analysed by conducting impact assessments, evaluating IT systems for sustainability improvements, assessing capabilities, and determining the effect on current strategies or initiatives. 

Institutionalising Sustainability and bridging Departments
Integrating sustainability considerations into all business operations becomes a collective responsibility and a fundamental aspect of organisational culture – collaboration and consensus are critical. QualiWare supports this integration by allowing all business units to access and consider sustainability factors in their activities, fostering technology-enabled, data-driven decision-making for sustainable transformation.

QualiWare can highlight the interconnectedness between sustainability initiatives and other business functions in organisations where sustainability efforts are siloed, uncovering new opportunities and value. Co-creating value with the business and IT landscape enables organisations to embrace sustainable regulations and plan for a sustainable future.