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About QualiWare

Market leading tool for organizations seeking to become sustainable

Looking to make your organization greener? QualiWare is here to help. Whether you're struggling to meet the requirements of new sustainability legislation, just starting to plan your green strategy, or are deep into implementing sustainable practices, we have the tool you need.

Listen: QualiWare is a platform that enables you and your colleagues to map and connect all processes within your organization relevant to your sustainability strategy or legislation such as the CSRD. 

For instance, QualiWare allows you to identify who within your organization is responsible for collecting and analyzing specific types of data (this could be data required for CSRD reporting) and how these tasks are carried out. 

Additionally, our platform helps identify potential risks associated with these processes and enables you to outline strategies for managing them effectively.

Built for collaboration, QualiWare simplifies the process for teams to keep processes up to date and aligned with actions. This collaborative approach ensures that your organization can effectively execute your strategy or meet CSRD requirements. Furthermore, it prepares you to confidently tackle future sustainability reporting challenges.

Who can benefit from QualiWare?
A wide range of teams and organizations:

If you’re working to make a big company eco-friendly, QualiWare helps you map out your green plans, keep track of your progress, and make sure you’re meeting all those important regulations.

Need to handle and share your company's green performance? Our tool makes it easy to handle, understand, and report this vital information, helping everyone make well-informed, transparent decisions.

If you’re advising companies on how to be more sustainable, QualiWare lets you assess where they stand and helps guide them towards a greener future.

We also assist government bodies in overseeing sustainability regulations, ensuring compliance, and encouraging eco-friendly practices in various industries.

We can help you too
Get in touch to discover how QualiWare can help your organization achieve its sustainability goals efficiently and effectively.

For more than 30 years, we have supported customers around the globe in executing their strategies and complying with complex laws and regulations. We are ready to assist you as well.
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How QualiWare can help with CSRD

QualiWare in a few highlights

We help customers from Strategy to Execution

Plan, execute, monitor, and optimize your organization's strategy with QualiWare

Experts in Compliance Management

For more than 30 years we have helped organizations worldwide become compliant with complex regulations. 

Market leading Business Process Management

With QualiWare you always have  a comprehensive and true overview of your business.

Partners worldwide

We have dedicated partners all over the world. They speak your language and understand your challenges. 

Recognized as a global leader

We are recognized as a leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant and InfoTech's Leader Quadrant

High customer satisfaction

Our customers stay with us for decades and more. According to InfoTech 100% of our customers wish to renew their subscription.

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Meet our experts

Reach out to us today, and let's start your sustainable transformation journey together! With offices and partners conveniently located near you, we're ready to support you every step of the way.

Thomas Pærregaard

Enterprise Architect

Kevin Bowles

Product Owner: EA

Martin Tølle 

Business Architect

Daniel Zorzi 

Enterprise Architect

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SOS International

SOS International is one of the largest assistance organizations in the Nordic region. SOS International provides acute assistance all over the world, night and day, all year round. They have been QualiWare customers for more than 20 years. 

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To ensure our customers the highest degree of confidence, we are dedicated to delivering world-class software and protecting their data with the utmost security. This commitment is affirmed through our pursuit of certifications in several key areas, including ISO 27001.

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SKI Supplier

Supplier of software to the Danish Public Sector.

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