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Achieve CSRD Compliance with QualiWare

For over 30 years, we have assisted companies worldwide in successfully complying with complex laws and regulations, including the CSRD. And we can help you too.

This is what you get

QualiWare simplifies your CSRD reporting: Manage your sustainability efforts and track your progress.

Connect QualiWare with your other systems like Microsoft Dynamics, or SAP. 

Identify and prioritize risks  and focus your attention where it's needed the most!

Create detailed reports and stay ready for audits anytime.

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How QualiWare can help

At QualiWare, we understand that complying with the CSRD can be complex and even overwhelming. Our expertise simplifies your sustainability reporting process.

QualiWare makes CSRD compliance easier by detailing the legal obligations and enabling you to link these with the relevant processes within your organization. 

For instance, with QualiWare, you can quickly identify who is responsible for the specific tasks or data required by the CSRD. This ensures you always have a clear overview of how you meet each CSRD requirement.

Moreover, if a colleague leaves, you can effortlessly show a new team member which processes to carry out to maintain compliance.

Additionally, QualiWare aids in identifying potential risks associated with these processes and enables you to develop effective management strategies.

Designed for collaboration, QualiWare streamlines the process of keeping everything up to date and aligned with necessary actions.

Overall, QualiWare not only saves you time and money but also makes the compliance process much simpler and more efficient. With QualiWare, you can rest assured that your organization complies with the CSRD, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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How you can work with CSRD in QualiWare

If your company falls under the scope of the CSRD, you are required to align your sustainability reports with the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS). 

With QualiWare, it becomes much easier. Here is an example of how you can work with CSRD/ESRS in QualiWare.

Here is an example of how you can work with CSRD/ESRS in QualiWare.
In this picture, you can see the top levels of the ESRS requirements model depicted as a diagram in QualiWare, showing the different areas of the ESRS.

Align Your Policies, Processes, KPIs, and Data with ESRS
QualiWare gives you a clear picture of how well you're meeting the ESRS requirements and allows you to track your progress. 

How? QualiWare connects your sustainability data with the ESRS requirements. This makes it easy for you to ensure that your practices match up with what's required. 

Furthermore, QualiWare helps you identify and focus on the risk areas that specifically apply to your company, or other special points of attention that are relevant for your company.

Each ESRS can be broken down into a more detailed level. In this picture is ESRS2 General Disclosure.

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Here, you can see ESRS E1: Climate Change, and you can continue to break it down into increasingly detailed views.
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The Danish retail chain Coop is a large organization with  more than 1,000 stores and 40,000 employees. It is also an ambitious network and transformation business, constantly testing new opportunities to stay competitive in the retail market. Coop has been using QualiWare for over two decades. 
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